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(Ieckert) #1

Is it possible to merge two separate topics, but in the same category, into one new topic? I see that you can quote topics, then close the old ones. But that is all I could figure out at first look.

(Voxel Pirate) #2

If you are a moderator, you can join topics / threads without an issue. Just don’t ask me how as I have no moderator rights… but I see it happening frequently :wink:.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Yes this is possible.

  1. click the moderator wrench button at the upper right of the topic

  2. select posts

  3. select away (we also allow you to select “a post and all its replies” in a single click now which is a new convenience, thanks @eviltrout!)

  4. click “move to existing topic” button on the right.

You will need a link or the topic ID number to the target topic handy, though you can sort of search by title in the move dialog.

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(Sergie Magdalin) #4

I have a problem with merging new topics with old ones. When I merge a new topic (all the posts in that topic) to an older one it doesn’t delete the new one. How come? Then I have to track back and find the new one that i just merged and delete that one. Why can’t it delete it automatically if I moved all the posts?

(Paul Gould) #5

Just tried it now and had the same problem, is there a simpler to merge a new topic into an existing one?

(cpradio) #6

I think you are looking for this

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