Merging topics triggers email to mailing list mode users

(Lori Cooper) #1

Hi all,

I’m working on cleaning up about 3000 topics that were imported from our mailman archive. We dumped them into an archive category, with the plan of cleaning up and moving into appropriate categories as time allows. I jumped right in with merging some topics (some threads came in as multiple Discourse topics) and moving them to the appropriate category.

The act of merging appears to trigger an email to all users on mailing list mode, just as if it were a new post (the date on the post is the correct, old date). I can’t really think of a reason why someone would want that.

In our test instance, we muted an entire category, and seem to be able to merge topics in that category without triggering the emails. Are there any other actions or situations that are likely to cause these old posts to appear as new, and get mailed out to all users who are receiving new posts?

Thank you!


When the last or only post in a topic is edited or merged into another topic, the topic’s timestamp is set to “now.” You can avoid triggering the mailing by changing the topic’s timestamp back to the original date within the email time window mins timeframe.

This might be obviated if the no-bump option is released: