just died

Hi ya’ll,

Disclaimer: I know very little admining discourse ;-). The discourse co was kind enough to provide free hosting for our open source project and we have lots of happy users. But I just clicked to enable the preinstalled “Solved plugin” in the admin screen and now users just see a blob of text (all css broken). Unfortunately, that means me (the admin) also.

I tried turning the solved plugin back off and things are still broken. Does anyone have any tips on how to unfix this. It seems like a bunch of things are now no longer found in the cdn:

(unneeded log deleted)

More info: problem appears on chrome or chrome mobile on android. Does not appear on firefox or safari.

2nd update: oops firefox is actually broken also

Hi Kevinh,

Sorry for the trouble. I pushed a fix for your instance. It will be deployed soon and get back to normal after the caches are cleared.

Anyway, it’s not related to the “Solved plugin” installation.


Thanks for the super fast response @vinothkannans !

btw - ya’ll are awesome and the instance you donated to us really improved the community.