(Clay Griffiths) #1

When using DISCOURSE_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT it appears that the message-bus endpoint is broken. On our setup we use /community as the DISCOURSE_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT.

After uploading a file, a poll to message-bus is sent and the path is completely broken so it appears the upload never complete. The request is to https://forumdomain/communitymessage-bus when it should be https://forumdomain/community/message-bus

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Change the site setting long polling base url from /community to /community/ as said in the guide:

(Clay Griffiths) #3

Apologies, I could’ve sworn this was done in the beginning.

With that said, why not programmatically add a trailing slash anyway?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

Subfolder works but isn’t recommended. OTOH pull requests that solve bugs on subfolder mode are welcome :smile:.

(Clay Griffiths) #5