Message Bus doesn't respect subfolder

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #1

Just upgraded to latest test-passed and the message-bus xhr ain’t using the subfolder address:

It’s probably a regression from less than a week.

Message bus does not respect subfolder during update process
(Jeff Atwood) #2

@sam or @neil you should have a look.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #3

Just found that setting long polling base url to my subfolder works. Maybe make this default to subfolder when active?

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(Jeff Atwood) #4

This is on @neil’s radar. Thanks for the report, we want to fix any subfolder issues people find ASAP

(Sam Saffron) #5

Tricky, cause depends on cdn setup

@codinghorror nothing is broken, it’s just that sub folder setup is … Involved

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Ok then I changed this category to support?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #7

So I will keep reporting because I’m about to deploy it live where I’m forced to use subfolder.

(Will Glass Husain) #8


Just want to confirm this bug is still present in v1.5.0.beta1 +47

What functionality is this breaking? Anything I should be worried about? Is there a workaround?


(Will Glass Husain) #9

Actually, as a correction. This bug report mentions a 405. The error is now a 404.

(Kane York) #10

You need to set the long polling base url in the site settings to the subfolder.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #11

It would be great to seed this value to be the same to rails.relative_root

(Will Glass Husain) #12


Recommend you update the instructions at Subfolder support with Docker

I now see this as a comment down near the bottom of the “howo” page-- is it possible to edit the howto at the top of page to make the sample code comprehensive?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #13

Just added the long polling base url to the first topic! Thanks!

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #14

I’m cannot get the mini_profiler to work in my subfolder install. I do have the long polling base url value set, but receive the following console errors:

(José F Romaniello) #15

Just a heads up: this doesn’t work on /admin/upgrade when upgrading the plugins/discourse.

It seems the long polling base url is not being used there.


Subfolder Issues
(Nima Faizy) #16

I have the same problem, and also my fonts are in /uploads/default/original/1X and 404 (not found) error has shown in chrome console.