Message button text on user profile is slightly misaligned


The vertical alignment of the text is a little off on the user profile’s message button:

Compared to the user card:

I’m not sure what type of fix fits within the current convention, but it looks like this does the trick and doesn’t seem to negatively affect the other buttons styled with this selector:

.user-main .about .controls a {
  padding: 8px 10px;

(Kris) #3

Oh, I just pushed a small fix for this before seeing this topic, but there are still some inconsistencies that you might want to look at @Johani. For some reason the message button is 2px taller than the admin button


once you click admin, these buttons are also inconsistent

The difference there is that “show public profile” uses d-link so it’s an a tag, and the other buttons use d-button so they’re button

I think longer-term it will help if we start moving everything that’s an a tag styled to look like a button to using a button tag, but we don’t necessarily have to do that now.