Message: Problems have been found?


tonight, I got a message in my admin mailbox

Es wurden Probleme in deinem Admin-Dashboard gemeldet.

Bitte überprüfe und behebe sie.

which basically means there were problems reported in the admin-dashboad. Please review and fix them. Followed by a link to the dashboard.

However, on the dashboard I find no issues. There was on flagged posting, but that was dealt with days ago. /logs is also empy of anything relevant here.

What could this message mean?

There is a similiar issue System message: "Problems have been found" but that bug was fixed a year ago.


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We’re there no sidekick jobs that had errors?

0 failed, 0 dead. I see no problems there.

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Are you hosted by us (

If self-hosted, it’s possible the problem solved itself before you saw it.

It’s self hosted on Debian Testing (soon to be stable) machine using the Docker image, set up with your launcher utility.