Message to User when Account Removed from Temp Hold

(David M Rowell) #1

New users get sent a slightly unfriendly message when first posting, telling them that their account has been placed on hold, etc etc.

I understand the reason for that.

But is there any way that the user can be sent a message when their message is released and account is ‘un-held’? That would be a bit more friendly.

As it is, a user has a message in their inbox ‘Account temporarily on hold’ but never gets a message saying released.

Is there a way to have such a message sent?



(Mittineague) #2

When I tested early April Notifications were sent for Blocked accounts.
eg. this TL0 too-little too-fast first post auto-Blocked account

Is “Hold” a change to this or is it something similar but its own thing?

(David M Rowell) #3

I don’t know where this is coming from! It doesn’t seem to be a Rate Limit, nor does it seem to be a trust level setting - nor anything else, either! Probably I’m just not recognizing the setting that controls this.

But my sense, from the wording of the message, is that it is different to the messages/triggers you mention.

This is with version 1.6.0.beta10

(Jeff Atwood) #4

This is already handled, users get a pm when their account is unblocked.

(David M Rowell) #5

Hi, Jeff

That is good to know, thank you.

But, follow up question if I may. Is there any way that PMs can be made obvious. Currently no bug or anything appears anywhere to indicate the receipt of a PM, and while the message that the account has been placed on temporary hold is ‘in your face’ the matching release message has to be hunted out, several menus deep.

Tks for your further consideration


(Jeff Atwood) #6

It is notified the same as a regular PM.