Messages are now broken due to third party plugin

Just started today. When sending a Private Message or even doing a system backup and the notification appears, when you click on an message it generates this error:

You might try running


And see if it finds any problems.


Great suggestion. It pointed to the a problem with the Procourse Teaser plugin which I just updated this morning. I disabled it and the messaging was fixed (after a rebuild). @joebuhlig that update seemed to have a major bug.


Do you have a backtrace of the error?

How do I do a backtrace? I just ran discourse-doctor which warned about non-official plugins, which in turn reminded me of the recent update to the procourse-teaser plugin. So I removed it and did a rebuild and PMs started working again.

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@joebuhlig I also found this in the logs:

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Got it. Try pulling an update. The redirect attempt caused an incorrect check.


It works now Joe, thanks. The redirect after login not so much. Could this just be an issue with SSO? I changed it to “/login” which invokes memberful SSO, then when the user logs in and comes back to the forums, they are not taken to the link they clicked on, just the root.