Messages not been sent on flag response

I’ve been tinkering with Discourse (mainly with Flags) and observed that users aren’t getting flag response messages.

Here’s what I did in this specific situation (after reading some other posts and trying some different scenarios; I still don’t get flag messages)

  1. Create a post on Test Account 1 ( this account was invited by myself and had member trust level)
  2. Test Account 2 ( has leader badge, but trust level is Member) flags post
  3. My account (admin) agrees with flag
  4. No message at all.

I’m going to tinker with some more possible solutions, if they work, I’ll add it to this post.

The post author appears to get a system message if the post is hidden/removed, but other than that, nothing.

This is correct and by design. Why would you expect the flag target user to get a message unless the post was hidden or removed?

I’m talking about the user who submitted the flag.

No matter how I respond to the flag, the flagger gets no response.

This is also by design, at the moment.

However if the target flagged user edits their flagged post to unhide it, the flagger does get notified of that.

To clarify:

  1. User submits flag
  2. Moderator agrees with flag
  3. User does not get notified

I’ve seen some other Discourse communities where flaggers get a DM if staff agree.

No, I don’t think that’s ever been the case. Only the flag target gets a message if the post was hidden or removed.

Flaggers only get a reply in the case where the post was hidden, and the flagged user edits their post to unhide it.

I’ve also seen this on other communities powered by Discourse.

The rules are different for “something else” flags, those are just PMs.

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