Migrate from Digital Ocean to OVH?

(Jay Pfaffman) #39

Sounds safe.

It should be.

You can, but it’s complicated. You can search here for “multisite”. A somewhat easier, though less efficient, solution would be to run 4 standalone containers on separate ports and run Nginx or CaddyServer in front of them.

(Carlo) #40

Thanks for your answer.

Also, do you think it’s wise to install Discourse on an existing plesk dedicated server ?

(Jay Pfaffman) #41

No. It can be done (you can search for Plesk and find out how, I think), but working around Plesk is much more complicated than having Discourse on its own server.


I never tried the pre-installed version, but like @pfaffman said, it should work.

You can take a VPS SSD with Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits and install docker manually by following the official guide : discourse/INSTALL-cloud.md at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

It works exactly like DigitalOcean

OVH downtime incident
OVH downtime incident
(Carlo) #43

Thank you @pfaffman and @Steven for taking the time to answer.
Glad to see Discourse has such an active community! :grinning:

Ok, so I am gonna forget about hosting Discourse on my existing server.

About OVH, I see the only Ubuntu 14 available… is version 16 mandatory for the forum to work ?

Also, sorry if this sounds simple minded, but does the GitHub version comes with all plugin included ? Or is it a limited/freemium ?

Last thing, even though it is more expensive than OVH, I see digital ocean offers a on click install of Discourse ?

Cause it looks like a no brainer for someone with no Ruby/Docker experience .

Again thanks again for taking to time to answer my (many) questions

(Felix Freiberger) #44

It’s not mandatory, but recommended, for goodies like…

  • 2 more years of support
  • if you use nginx as a reverse proxy, HTTP2 will work

Discourse only has one version, the awesome version :sunny:, and it’s on GitHub! It doesn’t come with any plugins (except for some former plugins that are now considered part of core), but installing a plugin is easy and most plugins are free software :slight_smile:

The one-click install works, but has some quirks – I’d recommend that you follow our instructions instead, which require no Ruby or Docker experience at all. These instruction should work fine on any VPS host supporting Docker :slight_smile:

(Carlo) #45

Actually regarding OVH, there is Ubuntu 16 available… but without Docker. So I guess I’ll have to setup it manually.

I think I’ll make some test with their offer VPS SSD 1 ( 2GO and 10GO ssd ). That should be enough to run Discourse ?

If I want to point my website to it, for example: discourse.mydomain.com. I’ll just have to make change to my DNS, and point it to the ip ? Right ?
Or is their any extra steps ?

I can’t wait to give it a try :grinning:


It’s better to take Ubuntu 16.04 and install docker imo, it takes about 30 secondes to install, one command line, don’t worry at all about this

For your dns, yes, you just have to create a A record on your dns provider with discourse.mydomain.com, and the ip you’ll receive from ovh in target. And it should be ok.

if you don’t have an email provider, don’t forget about that before installing discourse. You will need to add CNAME and/or TXT entry in your dns provider, but it’s pretty easy

(Jay Pfaffman) #47

And you don’t need to install docker, as disourse-setup will do it for you.


Really ? I didn’t install a Discourse last few weeks, I didn’t know it changed, that’s even easier now.

I always did this command : wget -qO- https://get.docker.com/ | sh before

(Jay Pfaffman) #49

That’s exactly what discourse-setup does if Docker is not installed.


I learn something new every week on Discourse :astonished:

(David Taylor) #51

In that case, should we remove the docker installation step from the install-cloud instructions?

Edit: actually, looks like the docker install step also installs git, so we need to be careful

(Jay Pfaffman) #52

Yeah. I just aborted an edit because of that.

I think that the instructions might be OK.

(ljpp) #53

@carlo I would also recommend editing the app.yml file and switch to stable branch. The inexperieced should not ride the bleeding edge.

(Jay Pfaffman) #54

There have been discussions about this. stable is often far behind most of what gets discussed here, so I think it’s less confusing for people who don’t know what “editing the app.yml file and switch to the stable branch” means to just live on the bleeding edge with the rest of us.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #55

I’m with Jay on this one. Waiting 4+ months for new features (and bug fixes) is not ideal for most sites out there.

Keep in mind, unless you’re visiting /admin/upgrade all the time, you’re not on the “bleeding edge”. You’ll be notified when a new point update is released, and that’s usually every few weeks. So not quite “bleeding edge”.

(Carlo) #56

Cool to hear. Is 10GO SSD enough to run a forum? Sorry for asking, but I couldn’t find the min required.

(Carlo) #57

So you say I should ignore step Install Docker and go straight to Install Discourse right ?


(Joshua Rosenfeld) #58

No, I’d follow the instructions as written. They’ve been used thousands of times and are battle tested.