Migrate from Icy Phoenix 2.0 to Discourse



We need to migrate our ClubLexus Forum from Icy Phoenix 2.0 since this platform is dying slowly, and these days does not full fill the needs of our visitors and their mobile devices.
Also, this is getting risky since there are no security updates and the administration of the forum is getting more and more painfull.
There is a 2.2 beta version of IcyPhoenix around there but since the spanish project is dead, there won´t be any translation for this new versión…

I tried to find any topics abut this migration and I didn´t found any.

Is there any script or guides that could help me migrate from Icy Phoenix 2 to Discourse?
I allready tested Discourse and I love everything about it. It fits all the needs we have and the Demo versión I installed looks and works like a charm.

Thank you !

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Haven’t heard of Icy Phoenix before, but our plans are at https://discourse.org/buy – unfortunately custom migrations can be complex.

See our import scripts, which are open source, and discourse API:

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #3

Since it is phpBB based I would try to start with the phpBB script and hack from there!