Migrated comments to topics and posts. Replies are screwed up. Can I manually change/assign replies?

As anticipated all my comments were migrated without threading.

Is it possible to move a post as a reply to a previous post from the admin side?

Did you import them? If so, it’s probably easiest to fix the importer.

Yes, I did, it’s the disqus importer

I fear touch that is pandora’s box.
Nevertheless, even if it’s difficult, can I do this manually?

Hmm. Here’s what’s supposed to be fixing the threading:

@eviltrout made the last meaningful commit. Perhaps he has some clue.


Can I do this manually? Reimporting is close to impossible. I’ve made many changes post the import phase.

You can move things to different topics by clicking the :wrench:, selecting posts, and the move to existing topic. It’s hard to imagine that’s a good solution.

What changes have you made? Have you edited the posts, or just done stuff like change settings?

Edited the posts. I actually used the disqus imported as a way to import from wordpress because the wordpress importer was defunct. So in reality the threads didn’t exist for disqus to retain. But the author did replies to the “commenters”. I am trying to make threaded replies out of them. Or rather, exploit discourse’s capabilities.

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