Migrating user accounts from bcrypt app


Excuse me if this sounds naive but I’m fairly new to Rails. I have a very simple Rails app that uses bcrypt for passwords. We’ve accumulated ~100 users with this site.

As a result, we’ve grown out of that simple app and want to move to Discourse. After taking a look at the users table for our newborn Discourse instance, there are some fields like password_hash, auth_token, etc. that don’t map directly to user fields in the current app.

Any advice/tools for moving these accounts over? I’m sorry if I left any critical information out…just let me know what it is and I’ll provide it ASAP.

I was hoping to just copy the users table over, but that doesn’t seem feasible, plus I’m not sure what kind of hooks, etc. run on new user creation in Discourse that I’d be missing. I’d really appreciate any pointers, tips, or advice.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Import the users and send password resets to all users