Migration away from Discourse

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I am to know will it be possible to move all the data from discourse forum to another custom made website built from scratch, so basically switching from discourse forum to self made custom website?

Thank you


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Yes, since our backup is just a standard PostgreSQL pg_dump, just use that information in your new site.

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Can all date be moved away to mysql or oracle database?


Don’t be mad but…

You need to use a converter. Did you try?

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

Sure! I move data from mysql and ms sql to discourse all the time. You could also use the API to harvest the data. If you are asking this question, however, it seems unlikely that you will have a lot to learn.

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Thank you all, I am just keen learner here!


just curious as to where you’re moving? what tooling / platform(s) / tech?

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Not moving right now, just wanted to know its scope in future before I get into it deep.

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See also:A basic Discourse archival tool