Migration from Vanilla, help reseting unread posts

Well, after a week of some serious trial an error, I am becoming familiar with Digital Ocean & Ruby and Discourse. Allot to take in!

I have reached the point where:
Discourse is set up nicely,
SSO with wordpress working,
users imported from old Shopify website to WordPress/Woocommerce setup
users, categories and posts imported to Discourse from old vanilla forums
Discourse users SSO logging in via WordPress are welcomed with all their old posts from the old forum.

WOW, Horray!!! I had only hoped to get the content into discourse, I did not believe for a minute I would manage to have posts correctly linked to imported users and have those users linked by email through SSO!!!

The last thing I am trying to do is reset the ‘you have one unread post in this topic’ notifications shown after the topic name in the unread section of a users dashboard. I don’t want to make users go through all the old replies that have received from myself or others over the last few years, chances are they read those replies long ago through the old forum.

I dont mind doing in in ruby, sql or in any other fashion, can anyone suggest where this information is held and how to clear it for all users - I won’t need to do it again going forward, just once pre going live.

Cheers BWT to everyone here, I have gotten this far without having to make a new post until now.
Every difficulty I have faced getting this far has been covered already, and notably in a really nice warm fashion by other members of the community and moderators. It’s super refreshing not to see any flexing, bickering, or newbie shaming - just good freindly discourse;) Well done.

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