Min post length - doesn't take effect immediately?

(Dean Taylor) #1

After changing the min post length setting in admin…

… What is required for users to see this change take effect?

At specific times we have “meetings” at these times in a few topics we find the minimum post length actually hinders conversation.

So when these meetings occur I want to reduce the minimum post length requirement to say 2
…(it would be nice if I could do this per topic or category etc - but it’s not available as an option)…

It seems changing this value doesn’t take effect immediately.

Is a server rebuild / restart required?

Or just that all users need to close browsers and open again?

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(Robin Ward) #2

Rebuild should not be necessary. It should be as simple as having users reload their browsers.

(Sam Saffron) #3

Long term we should probably issue a message to all clients when a client_setting changes asking them to refresh.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

The currently loaded JavaScript in the browser does not know about this change. We don’t expect this is a setting one would be changing every hour on the fly, or even every few days…

(Dean Taylor) #5

And neither do I…

I’m hoping to replace changing this setting with chat functionality.

But for that I’m looking to post via the API and a SSO proxy server to bypass the minimum character requirements.

(Dylan) #6

I had this issue when some members wanted me to increase the limit, all you have to do is reload the page and it takes affect. You can force a browser refresh on active members or tell them to just reload the page and it’ll work fine.

Not really an issue like @codinghorror said, it doesn’t usually change often.