'min trust to edit post' setting interfering with Discourse Encrypt

We had a user reporting that they were getting an error message when they were sending a message to another user who has enabled encryption - this error flashes up after they press “Send message”:


The message still gets sent despite the error and it appears fine on the other side. No error logs are generated. We also noted that the error does not get generated if an administrator is sending the message.

It took quite a while to find the cause. After stripping all plugins etc out we finally debugged this to a setting which was interfering with Discourse Encrypt.

The setting is “min trust to edit post”. Once we set this to zero, they no longer received the error messages. However, now all users have the ability to edit posts no matter their trust level…


@kris.kotlarek can you investigate this issue?


Thank you for mentioning that issue.

It was fixed in that PR: