Mini-profiler only visible to first admin, not second admin

(Zane Beckman) #1

Both users have identical group memberships and permissions. (admins, staff, trust_level_0)

Both users emails are specified in app.yml with:


I have also tried the Alt+P shortcut to toggle displaying the mini profiler. It only works for the first user and not the second user.

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(Jens Maier) #2

Could you try removing the space after the comma in the developer emails list?

(Zane Beckman) #3

That appears to have fixed it. I corrected the sample containers’ comments to correctly match what DISCOURSE_DEVELOPER_EMAILS expects.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

@sam can you make sure we are not sensitive to leading or trailing spaces here, this is a recipe for support pain.

(Zane Beckman) #5

This fixes the above issue:

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(Jeff Atwood) #6