Mini user-profiles

(Jay) #1

As mostly a user/visitor of forums over the years I have found the mini user-profiles that often appear next to posts quite useful. Mostly just to check their join-date and post-count as a very rough and quick way to see how dedicated/active someone is within the forum.

It’s also useful when someone says something interesting or that you agree with to glance across and see where they are from (if they have put a location) or if they’ve added a web-link or twitter handle for example. The “rank” is also useful on support sites so you can see who is an official representative/employee of the organisation running the site.

One good thing about this is that it’s fairly consistent across sites so when you find sites through searches with answers or comments relevant to your search query you can quickly get a rough feel for the person writing the answer.

I realise this has many dangers too, such as elitism and power-freaks, post-count alone is a poor indication of quality, etc. etc. but in my short time here so far I’ve missed that mini-profile a bit - it helps me get to know the community a little.

Maybe this has been discussed already and I didn’t find it in my searches - but could there be a mini-profile to get quick-glance info about the people in a site without cluttering up the nice clean interface and without making people try to game the forum for post-count or other such lunacy?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Possibly, but as more of an on-click (we can’t do hovers because of tablets) on the user space in the left gutter ←, not something that would appear all the time.

Note that there is a little ambient information you get already:

  • if the username has a background highlight, that user is a moderator
  • if the username is grey, that is a new user who just signed up

There is some discussion of arbitrary labels that may need to be displayed for a user, e.g. “contributor” or “founder” or “speaker” or what have you. These are just arbitrarily assigned by moderators.

In general I am opposed to anything that puts a ton of noisy ‘status’ in the left gutter, I want the focus to be squarely on the post content, not so much on the pseudo credentials of who posted it. But as a pop-up onclick infocard, most of that stuff is fine. Feel free to mock something up in this area if you are feeling frisky.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

This is now implemented, click on avatars in the left gutter to show the user card!

We also show an optional title under the username as well.

(Jeff Atwood) #4