Misleading email rejection when reply permissions not available

In our setup, we want to use one category as a 1-way mailing list to everyone who has signed up to our community, so have set this category for watching by default and restricted post & reply permissions on the category to staff members.

When email notifications on posts in this category are sent to a non-staff user, they still have the standard ‘reply by email’ explanation in the message body. However, if the user tries to respond by email, they get the unspecified error below. This makes it look like our forum doesn’t work and will raise technical queries we would need to respond to.

Any way to address this? Thanks in advance.

We’re sorry, but your email message to XXX didn’t work.


Something has gone wrong. Perhaps this topic was closed or deleted while you were looking at it?

If you can correct the problem, please try again.

  1. Login as Admin
  2. Go to Admin Screen
  3. Scroll Down to “email reject topic not found”
  4. Customize response

  1. Save changes