Missing avatar on S3 for some avatars

you seem to have the same avatar problem as we see on discuss.pixls.us . in the composer I can still see a cached copy of your avatar, but in the thread view your avatar seems to be gone.

my current thoughts on this are on twitter.

What is the URL of the problem avatar here, I am not seeing it? My guess is that somehow the CDN has a poison image for my low res avatar.


Something is definitely off internally cause of this:


The origin is showing a bad image. @tgxworld is this related to the image magick upload?

Maybe a migration broke it?

all_users_with_avatars = User.select(:id,:username,:uploaded_avatar_id).
                                         where('uploaded_avatar_id > 0').all
# results in 801
dead_avatar_count = 0
all_users_with_avatars.each {|u| dead_avatar_count+=1 if u.uploaded_avatar.nil? }
# dead_avatar gives 423

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