Missing "Invite Others..." button in PM

(Alex Armstrong) #1

Regular users are missing the “Invite Others…” button in PM.

Admin view is on the left; regular user is on the right:

I understand there’s a related bugs that’s been fixed. So it’s not that.

My site uses SSO, but this is for a PM, so that’s shouldn’t be an issue. What am I missing?

Edit: it seems that this might be a trust level issue. But, if so, I don’t see where to change that in the settings.


(cpradio) #2

I believe only TL 2 and above can invite users and that isn’t driven by site settings.

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(Alex Armstrong) #3

OK, is there a way to change this behavior? TLs are mostly meaningless in my community.


(Jeff Wong) #4

I’d suspect the fastest way is to bulk change everyone’s TL to 2+ so everyone has all the permissions there:


(Alex Armstrong) #5

That would work, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to arbitrarily alter people’s trust levels.

After all, I don’t want to allow people to invite external users – which isn’t even possible since we’re using SSO. All I want is for users to be able to invite existing users to a PM thread.

There is, I think, a confusion in the implementation between inviting external users to the system and inviting existing users to a topic/PM. The restrictive permission hurdles may make sense for the former, but certainly not for the later.


(Jeff Wong) #6

The max invites per day site setting should be set to 0, if you’re not using invites. You should probably do that anyway, as users will hit trust level 2 organically which would open up that specific can of worms regardless.


(Alex Armstrong) #7

At this point we’re talking past each other, partly because the terminology is so confusing.

I already have max invites per day set to 0. Which is a moot point because (emphasis added):


(Jeff Atwood) #8

Adding users to a PM is a TL2 ability and already exists.


(Alex Armstrong) #9

Would it be possible to add an option allowing TL1 users to add users to a PM?

There’s no reason I can fathom to have this hard-coded.

(It would probably be a good idea to distinguish more clearly between external and internal invitations – but as this issue doesn’t affect our site, I’m not that interested :blush:)


(Steve) #10

It is missing for my users. My Winston Churchill test account has level 2. It also doesn’t work at level 3. Moderators and admins can invite people to conversations.

SSO is on.

It seems like it was discussed and the topic was closed here:

Is there something I am missing on how to fix this or what settings to use?

this is from my moderator account

this is from a level 2 account


(Jeff Atwood) #11

Do you have “must approve users” on? This setting is mutally exclusive with invites.

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(Steve) #12

Well, that fixed it, but I don’t want to invite outside users. I was hoping to just give users the ability to invite an existing user to a conversation.


(Alex Armstrong) #13

Is there any chance this can be added for the next release?

Everyone should be able to invite existing users to a PM, not just admins.

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(Alex Armstrong) #14

On my SSO system TL2 users can’t see the “Invite” button in PMs. I have must approve users off.

This is considered a bug, correct?


(Alex Armstrong) #15

I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with the invites on my system. Can someone confirm that this is a bug:


(cpradio) #16

Just to confirm, your expectation is they should be able to invite other existing members (not email invites for new users)


(Alex Armstrong) #17

Correct. I’m expecting to be able to do this:

Since my system has SSO I don’t know anything about external invites. I’m only talking about existing users.

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