Missing Norwegian translations


Setting my Discourse forum to nb_no (Norwegian Bokmål) seemingly indicates a lot of missing translations. Is this something I can easily fix myself or is it better to just contribute to the translation development? If the latter, are Github pull requests the way to do it?


(Gerhard Schlager) #2

The team of Norwegian translators is quite small. So, I guess your help would be appreciated.
Contributing is easy. Just head over to Transifex and join the Norwegian translation team.


Gotcha. I will contribute some translations for sure then! Thank you.


Hello again.

I have added a few hundred Norwegian translations, but I dont think any of them have been reviewed. Are translations added before they are actually reviewed and approved? Im starting a Norwegian Discourse community and hence am eager to get everything translated as soon as possible.


(Arpit Jalan) #5

Hi @Zygote!

Yes, currently the translations are pulled in directly without needing them to be reviewed (it may change later).

Also, I promoted you to Reviewer on Transifex, so you can review the translations.


Ah, excellent.

Thank you.


And are translations still pulled in once a week?

(Arpit Jalan) #8

Yes, right before updating the version.


Hmm, I dont see any of my translations showing up and its been 9 days since Ive added them. What gives?

(Sam Saffron) #10

I think @techAPJ just updated this Add pl_PL translations for Poll plugin and update translations by techAPJ · Pull Request #2799 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


Hmm strange. I just updated Discourse and my translations still dont appear to be showing up anywhere… :S

(Sam Saffron) #12

Give it 15 minutes, it needs to build, test and get merged to tests-passed

(Marcin Rataj) #13

@Zygote If you use Docker and are super eager to see updated translations as soon as you add them to Transifex without waiting for upstream merge, you can fork a ‘plugin’ I created while translating to Polish:

GitHub - lidel/discourse-locale-override: Simple hack to override official translations files in Discourse and persist them between Docker rebuilds. (see FAQ)

Note that with this ‘plugin’ it is up to you to keep translations updated with Transifex changes.

(eiklid) #14

@techAPJ is it possible to promote me to Rewiever? I have to fix some mistakes.

(Arpit Jalan) #15

Done! You are now Reviewer for Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) team.


I have gone through the missing translations for the discobot introduction script, that was the most glaring omission on our new Discourse installation.

I’m a complete newbie at Transifex but used the web based editor which made it a breeze to do translations. Hopefully it ends up in someone’s review queue automatically :slight_smile:
The team seems to not show any reviewers right now, does that mean new translations get included as long as it passes the automated tests?

I hope I managed to avoid any bad mistakes, it looks correct to me but I got tons of warnings because the glossary didn’t seem to pick up on some glossary words.

(Gerhard Schlager) #17

That’s correct. Reviewing is not mandatory. We pull all translations from Transifex.
Your translations will be in the next beta release.



I’m enjoying transifex so much I’ve made it my goal to get the Norwegian translation to 100%, but in server.yml a ton of the strings are just error messages for various problems. Do you encourage translating those too?

From my own experience with other products, translating that kind of text can make searching online for a solution to a problem much harder because you first need to figure out what the english version of the same error would be, otherwise you are unlikely to get any good search hits.

Oh well, I guess the admin could always set their locale back to english and try the same action again :wink:

(Lars Solberg) #19

Awesome! I hate Norwegian error messages as well, so unless there’s a discourse policy on it. It would be nice to leave them alone…


I noticed there are lots of references to threads (tråder) in the norwegian translation, I would like to go hrough these and update them to topics (emner) to be more in line with Terminology: topics vs threads

It seems like in the older version I’m running “emne” was the term used before it recently got changed to “tråd”, I was unaware of this when starting to translate so right now it’s become a mix of both :cold_sweat:

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