Missing options on themes


Introduced after upgrade to v2.1.0.beta2 +258

Had some issues with Themes after upgrade, performed rebuild, updated Hamburger Theme Selector (!) but still:

The Theme is enabled by default setting is no longer available on a couple of my themes, including the Default Theme! …perhaps there’s a new restriction/bug as these Themes are each a component of something else? (confirmed, this seems to be the case)

That’s not a good restriction … I want to be able to select any Theme as default even if that Theme is re-used as a base and ‘enriched’ to create another theme elsewhere … and this used to work …

Default theme broken after recent update
(Leo McArdle) #4

Not a fix, but a workaround: create a new theme which has the theme you want to make default as a component.

(Sam Saffron) #5

Yeah my call here is that you should restructure

Allowing a component to both be a theme and a component is something we are removing.

So just create a thin theme on top of that component that sources it and set that as user selectable/ default


Ok, let me test that and revert


OK counter argument:

if you render something a parent theme by inheriting from it, the options to deselect it as user selectable disappear, so there is no way of fixing that unless you remove the inheritance to expose the setting again. That’s not at all intuitive.

(Sam Saffron) #8

@Osama will be fixing this, I think the best way of sorting this out is deciding upfront if a thing is a theme vs a component upfront. In this case you would not even be allowed to add it as a child.