Missing topic from category page

(Jesse Perry) #1

I have an old topic (maybe a couple months) that’s not showing on its category page. The topic is visible, not archived, and otherwise hasn’t been touched. The topic still shows in my profile (it was created by me), but not on the category page. Doesn’t show on mobile or desktop.

Any ideas what could be going on? I’ve searched and can’t think of anything to try.

(Jesse Perry) #2

Also it appears that this topic is visible by any user when I impersonate them. However Admins can’t see the topic. Odd. At least regular users can see it.


maybe posted in uncatporized category?
can you give that post link ?

(Jesse Perry) #4

Good guess, but the topic is categorized, and I can still see the topic when I’m logged in as a regular user, just not Admin. I’m leaning to think it’s a bug of some sort.

It’s a closed, paid community, so no post link unfortunately.

(Dean Taylor) #5

I’ve seen posts in the past here on meta that mention issues relating to a “built-in” category being renamed.

Is there a chance that the category this topic is in is a renamed Uncategorized, Staff, or Lounge category?


check category seeting> securty

(Jesse Perry) #7

Hmm… I believe it’s possible it’s a renamed Lounge category. How can I check to be sure? However it’s still odd that regular users can see the topic listed, but I can’t (who created the topic) and another admin can’t.

(Dean Taylor) #8

I don’t know - sorry.

It is I, thought that admin’s had access to everything regardless of the permissions.

Check the permissions when you edit the category as @Qasem_h has stated:

What do you see there? - it might be helpful to someone on the Discourse team that would know more.

(Jesse Perry) #9

Everyone can create/reply/see

I, and all users, can see the category and all topics inside. The only weird difference is admins can’t see this topic in question.

(Leo Davidson) #10

I’m seeing quite a severe case of this in at least a couple of areas on my forum. (Perhaps in all areas, but it doesn’t seem to affect new topics, so it’s harder to notice in places with more traffic where old topics are pushed out of view anyway.)

This is happening with Discourse v1.8.0.beta4 +95 (although the phpBB import of these posts was done with a slightly early version, but still 1.8.0.beta3 or 4).

For example, this category is largely untouched since I did the recent phpBB import into the new Discourse forum, and as you can see it’s set to show everyone everything:

But when I am logged in with my own account, which has admin rights, about half the posts are hidden from me. If I use incognito mode to browse as an anonymous user, I can see all of the posts:

It looks like the anonymous user can see all the topics that were there originally in the old phpBB forum’s category, but my admin account acts like many of the topics are unlisted.

I can still see the topics if I go to their URLs, with both accounts.

If there’s anything I can do to help debug or fix this, please let me know. I’m new to Ruby but getting up to speed, and fairly comfortable using the Rails console and looking at the database via that or psql, so I’m happy to try technical things.

Ninja edit: In case it’s relevant, just after importing the new forum, I went to each category and selected all topics, then marked them as read. Perhaps something went wrong there?

(cpradio) #11

I bet that is it. Go to your preferences and click show muted topics (towards the bottom of the page). Do you see the missing topics at that link?

You probably checked the check box to mute the topics when you marked them read.

(Leo Davidson) #12

Ah! Yes, I have a huge number of muted threads, none intentionally. I never thought to look as I thought I had never muted anything.

I think the exact thing I did was go to Unread from the front page, then Select All, and then Dismiss at the bottom-right.

I assumed that would just ‘dismiss’ them from the ‘unread’ state, but it looks like I muted hundreds of thousands of threads. Whoops.

Problem solved, and user error in the end. I think the labelling of the UI could be clearer there, but I’m glad it was just this as it’s easy enough to fix.

Many thanks!

Additional: Looking now, if you go to Unread, there’s a Dismiss button top-right without having to select anything, which appears to mute the entire forum if it’s all unread (as it will be after a large import). That seems misleading and risky.

I can’t find a way to quickly undo this, since the muted posts list only shows the bulk operations spanner menu after you have multi-selected some posts, and you can only select as many posts as you have scrolled into view. I see a lot of mousewheeling in my future! :smiley:

Additional 2: Maybe this is a bug (possibly with the phpBB importer) as according to this thread the Dismiss button isn’t meant to mass-mute everything:

(cpradio) #13

That button should present a modal, it is only if you check the checkbox will it mute the topics so as to never notify you again of them.

(Leo Davidson) #14

You’re right. I think I got confused the first time and assumed the checkbox was for confirmation, not to make it do extra.

Trying it again now, it all seems fine. My mistake entirely.

Many thanks for putting me back on track!

(Jeff Atwood) #15

This dialog does not mute topics? It just changes them from tracking or watching to normal.

(cpradio) #16

No, it definitely mutes them. I just did it on Meta using
Generic error when existing user tries to sign in, which was unread, and now it is muted.

(Jeff Atwood) #17

That checkbox doesn’t say mute though, does it?

(cpradio) #18

It does say “never show up”, which is what muted does.

All I know is I had one unread topic, I clicked Dismiss, checked the box, and clicked Dismiss, and when I went to ?state=muted, that topic was now in that state.

(Jeff Atwood) #19

Why would this happen @sam? I would expect Tracking (required for a topic to show up as unread at all) to change to Normal; topics becoming Muted is completely unexpected.

(Sam Saffron) #20

This is unexpected don’t remember ever muting in bulk like that, sounds like a bug