Missing topics after upgrade, still not working after restore! Major Break

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We are in the midst of quite a bad break for our community. After backing up the platform and upgrading to the latest last night, this morning we were hit with a series of breaks.

We are experiencing a number of problems without any errors in discourse logs, or our hosted container logs. Our header, or call to action has just disappeared from the top of the page.

Additionally, and more pressing, a number of topics and posts have disappeared in a non-deterministic way:

With content gone for some, but still there for others: [can only post one photo(should be fixed)]

As stated previously, there is nothing in the logs to indicate a problem of this magnitude.

A brief search through this category led me to nothing that seemed to be helpful. Would really like to get this resolved ASAP, as our forum is, for all intensive purposes, unusable.


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(Hisairnessag3) #3

Working topic: (showing non-determinism)

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current version:

(Sam Saffron) #5

Step 1, disable all third party plugins and rebuild.