Missing uploaded images

(Wgiroir) #1

After upgrading to 1.6, references to the optimized uploaded images receive 404’s. The optimized upload directory does contains may files that appear to be named by a hash but not the ones the web interface would like to load.

I’m running 1.6.0.beta11.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? I recently upgraded to 1.6 but the problem didn’t appear till days after that


I have a similar problem. Though both optimized and original are missing.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Any ideas here @zogstrip?

(Régis Hanol) #4

No clue :frowning:

Can you @wgiroir & @ckshen give me more details? How did you setup your Discourse instance? From what version did you upgrade to 1.6?


I used the Digital Ocean tutorial. Docker setup. I upgraded very frequently. So it would be one of the earlier betas of 1.6 to the latest beta.

It hasn’t happened in the last couple of weeks. i am on 1.6 beta 11.