Missing user profile pictures

We’ve got a number of users whose profile pictures have disappeared at larger sizes.

Here’s an example: https://discourse.mozilla.org/u/chuck/summary

At 45x45px:

At 120x120px:

I think this is related to imagemagick updates plus security fixes on our end. Both very recent changes. If the image was a png but saved as image.jpg we’ll now reject it as malformed. And vice versa.


Happens on meta for my avatar as well:


@tgxworld is having a look


Not sure if this is the same issue (we’re also seeing performance issues as well), but we’re getting a bunch of HTTPCode_ELB_5XX errors for user_avatar which increases CPU usage and is causing the whole forum to slow down, in addition to some avatars not showing up.

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The blank avatar has a very short expiry, so yeah I would expect some fallout here, we are working on a fix.


Out of curiosity, any idea on a timeline for that?

Almost done :slight_smile:


Let me explain what happened here cause we spent a lot of time on chat working it out.

We have had a 3-4 year old bug in our codebase that meant that if you ever clicked the “refresh” button on gravatar and it updated, the user record was not made aware of this change. ( :point_right: @sam’s fault)

Changing gravatars has been surprisingly rare, and the work around of “flicking” to letter avatar and then “flicking” to gravatar always fixed this little edge case, and thus it was never fixed.

However, @tgxworld recently needed to do a mass update to gravatars cause we were not dealing with extensions correctly, this triggered the above bug in mass.

We are fixing it so if you “refresh” a gravatar, when it nukes the old upload record it also updates the user record so it is aware of the change.


Deployed the change from @tgxworld and my query no longer shows any users with dead avatars.


Yep, seems to be fixed for me too. Thanks @tgxworld and @sam!