Mixture of file permissions

My use case is this:

Participants in a paid for course get access to a restricted category to network with each other, and I want them to be able to upload files within our normal constraints as part of that.

Also associated with the course are some official files - they need to be kept distinct, and we can’t have a situation where a user might inadvertently upload something that gets mistaken as official.

My sense is this is a main category for the course and a sub-category with different permissions for the official bit - or is there a way of doing this in one category?

Or another approach?


We will need more information I think

Do you mean that participants only see 1 category for their course on the whole site?

One option would be to have a completely separate category for “social” interaction, and keep the courses in their own categories and subcategories.

If you want to keep networking to that one category, then I would probably suggest having a top level category for “Official” comments and coordination, possibly where only course administrators can post, then putting all other conversations in separate subcategories.

There is no single file viewer so there would probably be no confusion between files. You would see the uploaded document in the topic it had been added to, and therefore within the appropriate subcategory.

If you could allow a subset of file types for non-staff members allow all file types for staff would that work?

Hi Rob,

In the approach I described participants would see the top level and have full rights, and see the sub category but have no posting rights.

To give more context, the specific example is where we sell a “train the trainer” experience to organisations that are licensing the delivery rights to a programme we own. We want networking for all the trainers across the subcontractors for that programme in the interest of improving overall practice, and we want them to have full usage for that purpose. The “official files” are the resources for them to run their training centre, including course materials, franchisee branding resources etc., so have to be only editable by our programme manager.

Elsewhere on the site there will be other restricted categories for purchasers of other programmes .

@Mittineague sadly no - and as far as I know aren’t those site-wide settings?

I believe they are, though I’m not sure how theme file types are in terms of precedence.

Newb question but can a category have its own theme then?

I think theoretically it would be possible to have distinct CSS theming per category. As for having category specific settings for allowed file types different than site-wide settings, that would need to be a plugin. But AFAIK neither have been done yet.