Mmm, I have been thinking about themes

As a user on a much smaller forums, I have always taken an interest in reading texts in different colours, and the page in different colours. So like themes, I am rather delighted to see if we can have more themes, I do know which text colours would go well with them to avoid straining your eyes, here are a few of my own ideas.
All dark blue theme, text colour is white.
Pumpkin theme, the theme itself is orange while the text is moderate green on a moderate orange.
Wintery theme, this one is a bit unique, maybe the top and sides of the screen should have snowflakes while the rest of the screen is a lovely night sky, text should be white. Or a day version of it with a light blue sky and black text.
Pink theme, the text is dark green.
Rainbow theme, the top left right have the 7 colours of rainbow in nice stripes over a light blue screen while the text itself is dark blue.

I hope you like these ideas, if i went too ambitious with them then that’s ok.

You can start experimenting with your ideas here:


Oh great, I did not know there is a theme creator.
Im going to go logon on my computer so it’s more authentic that way. :grinning:

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Can I use my themes on here?

No, site owners need to import them.

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