Mobile Avatar / latest - Give topic titles more space

I want to reduce the mobile avatar in the scrolling list (already done) and give the topic titles more width on screen for mobile devices.

I see a .pull-left is use to control the avatar and .pull-right class is used for topic titl and other elements - what’s the best way to force the pull-right to use more width without cascading positional chaos! :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually I think I have the wrong classes here but the point should still stands.

I’ve had some success with this it’s a mix of a lot of things. :grin:

However, trying to move elements around, that’s tricky.

Aligning the Category to the far right and then the stats to the left of it or far left. Hmmm… :thinking:

I might even hide the category.

Ok ok ok. How can you switch the order using CSS of the stats elements, where the last post is to the most right, preceded by the total posts.

Default it is the reverse.

Can you provide some screenshots? It would make it easier to be sure what you are talking about.

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I get ya but ya know what, it’s been changing like crazy so… and I’m pretty happy now. I have not figured out my order issue but I’ll come back to that later as it’s become less important.

Here is a question though - Is there any way to fill another element using attributes of another class, say a box around category names, with the colour from either or both of these:


Ok so I’ve hidden these as listed and boxed the categories. It looks good. What would be neat to fill them with at least one of these colors.

I’ve applied border + radius to the .category-name class, now if I could ink it in it’s flag, that might be it perfected! :slight_smile:

However it has affected the instances of .category-name elsewhere, is there a means to localise the CSS to one area - I’ve never tried to inline a style in discourse but I don’t think it can be done can it?

That was two questions! :rofl: