Mobile editor reply button on right vs. on left

(Dean Taylor) #1

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On mobile I have done this a few times - the upload button just seems to be in the place I want to click / touch.

More than once I have cancelled the upload, going back and hit that damned upload button again DOH!!

Maybe the Reply / + New Topic button should be in the bottom right on mobile (instead of bottom left)? — on the other hand as a right handed person and at least I can’t press it by accident where it is now.

Is there anybody else doing this? … or is it just me?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I think it’s a reasonable consideration, but note that reply is on the left here. Not inclined to make a big change in this area at the moment, but I understand the concern. I’d like to hear more people complaining about it… across a variety of sites.

(Dean Taylor) #3

Exactly - and this is why I asked the question:

Is there anybody else doing this? … or is it just me?


(Filip) #4

No, I never accidentally do this.

Ah, the joy of being left-handed.