Mobile navigation links at bottom of topic?

I had a mobile user ask for the ability to add navigation links at the bottom of topics…

Says long threads are a pain to scroll back to the top for links, I did use the search function, is there a simple fix I missed?

Thanks in advance


Is it a problem to tap the site logo on the header to go to the homepage and navigate that way? There’s also the hamburger menu PNG that scrolls down the page with you that gives you several navigation options.

You should be able to add nav links to the bottom of topics with a theme component or plugin. But that seems a bit excessive given the options already availible.

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What “links” are you referring to?

  • Tap the hamburger menu to jump back to a category
  • Tap the back button on your device (or swipe left) to go back to the previous page
  • Tap the mobile progress bar docked at the bottom right to jump anywhere in the topic (top, bottom, arbitrary date or post)

In the absence of any specifics, I suggest using the navigational elements that already exist…


Thanks for the replies, I’ll see if this image helps them out.

please close I believe we are :+1:

Thank you both for the quick help


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You can also tap the site logo at any time to go back to the forum homepage as well. I meant to mention that.

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