Mobile view Suspension date picker not working

(ljpp) #1

Discourse 1.9 stable + iPhone SE

Trying to suspend a user and tapping on the date picker does nothing. I do not know if it goes off-screen or what, since there is nothing on the UI.

Overall this is a bad change and UX regression over the beautifully simple old UI where the moderator would simply enter the number of days. Multiple taps needed to get it done and a calendar style picker (which I dont see) is not a good UI for mobile. The web is mobile first and in many occasions a moderator needs to suspend a user quickly, using the device immediately available.

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #3

Pretty sure you are hitting another bug with small factor size phones, I will make a complete pass over this next week.

(ljpp) #4

There seems to be quite a few issues with the SE.

This model is undermined by the elite nerds, but it is selling like pancakes in several parts of the world. I beleive it was the top selling iPhone in the UK at some point.

Fantastic phone, by the way. Lot of bang for the buck. Interesting to see whether Apple will upgrade the display for SE2.