Mobile vs desktop category display question

New user trying to dive in here. Loving discourse! One question: when you view subcategories or categories in desktop you see the text of the “about” topic displayed. Which is great. On mobile though you lose the text describing the category and you also don’t see the count of the topics if you only have your about topic. Is there a way to make the mobile act like desktop here? And display the text from the “about” post? Thanks for any help!

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So which views are you talking about? The category description/about is visible in some views but not others. It isn’t visible in the default Categories view but is visible in the default Category view which also shows the subcategory description.

Links or screenshots would help. Also helpful are mockups of what you want.

The category description and stats may be available so you can modify a theme to display them. I’m not near a desktop to confirm this but others more expert will know:

FYI, here was a setting to force desktop views on mobile but if you see that you don’t want to use it.