Mod_cloudflare and discourse

Can anyone point me to which tutorial to use to install mod cloudflare when following the install instructions with docker here? I want to be able to use cloudflare but see actual up addresses and just don’t want to mess anything up.

Did you try searching? There’s a howto on this as I recall.

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Yes I did on here and found a bunch of other cloudflare related things but not for mod_cloudflare. When I searched cloudflare I find things for Apache, nginx, and other things but nothing specific with docker. Seeing the other things on list made me think I wanted to make sure so I didn’t mess something up since I don’t know how docker works.

We recommend against full cloudflare acceleration if you insist though we have this template that can be mixed in.

If you opt for full cloudflare acceleration historically we have seen plenty of issues with asset corruption and so on. The fundamental problem though is that the value is quite low cause we do a very good job optimising our own assets. A simple origin pull CDN should be enough.