Mod to look like Apple Communities

We have an off the shelf install of Discourse used more or less as a company intranet. We would like to modify the look of it to be something like the Apple Support Communities. This is open ended in terms of how far this could go but our initial thoughts are:

  1. A header bar similar to the black header that would contain links to other company resources outside of Discourse

  2. A home page styled similar to the Apple Communities homepage with a search box and post button at the top, with our categories shown in the same manner as the iPhone, MacOS, iPad, etc communities, with a Featured Topics list (and a new Topics list - which Apple doesn’t have on the home page), and a New to Communities section with links to our How to topics.

  3. A category page styled similar to Apple’s version of a category page

  4. A topic page styled similar to Apple’s version of a topic page

Essentially, copy the fonts, colors, layout of the Apple pages to the greatest extent possible within the boundaries of Discourse normal functionality

We would like to work on this now.

This will likely be a long term project with more requests coming over time and if you are skilled enough we would engage you to customize some of our other internal tools to match the look and feel created in Discourse.

We are open to your thoughts on how to pay in a way that is fair to you and to us.

One constraint we have is that our site is not open to the public and we cannot give you admin access. I hope there is a way to easily import your work as a theme file.


I’ll send you a direct message.


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