Mode Media (Ning) is done


I’m sure most of you are on top of this. But they are done today. Staff has been laid off.

One of many articles.

(Chris Beach) #2

Never heard of them. What’s the connection with Discourse?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #3

Ning was a community tool. Orphaned ning communities can migrate to Discourse.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

It seems Ning will keep running under the new stewardship of Cyndx LLC:

Their customers are cautiously hopeful:

I wish you well with your venture. For your sake and ours :slight_smile: The platform for Ning 3 has been performing so badly of late, and even worse as of today with constant 500 errors and no email notifications to new members of any sort, constant reversions to old design templates, and posting difficulties in all areas from mail to comments to blogs etc, etc, etc. My hope - a dream!! - is that a team of super-enthusiastic coders hit the ground running as a result of this merger and FIX all the terrible errors as soon as humanly possible. I know you guys can do it :smiley: I think with a functioning platform Ning could be great again. I really do! It has the potential to be so awesome and nothing looks as pretty as a fully functioning Ning site. So, good luck and please try to make it work. For all our sakes! thank you.


I hope so too we have migrated 28 communities from Ning to Discourse and have 2 to go. I wouldn’t hold my breath with Cyndx. They are a scavenger company but if they can keep the lights on long enough to get out, that would be good.