"Moderation History" not showing the moderation history

(Biscuit) #1

I set a topic timer to automatically close a topic tomorrow. Later, I noticed someone else must have turned that topic timer off.

I checked the “Moderation history” on the topic and referenced the logs, but neither mentioned the topic timer being turned off. The moderation history for that topic says “There is no moderation history”

If “Moderation History” doesn’t show the “Moderation History” then i’m unclear what that option is for? Does it need to be extended to capture moderation actions?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Perhaps the naming could be better @eviltrout as this has to do with flags, not every action staff could take relative to a topic.

(Biscuit) #3

ahhh… does that mean there’s no way for me to identify who made the change?

(Robin Ward) #4

The goal was to add other stuff to it too, though! It selects staff action logs, and I’d like more events to be in there.