Moderation stuck?

(James) #1


Long time reader, short time Discourse user. I’ll cut straight to the chase. I’ve installed Discourse using the preferred docker image and everything seems to be going fine… besides one thing.

For whatever reason, all of the accounts that have registered are stuck in the post moderation queue. Each of the accounts was added as admin, moderator and upgraded to trust level 4. I had turned the ‘approve post count’ option to 0, but it still happens. I have to put it back to 1 to get the option to approve posts via the hamburger (which i think I saw is a known bug).

Any thoughts or ideas? Could it be because I manually upgrade to Trust Level 4?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Well, “approve unless trust level 0” seems a bit odd to me, if you consider that the setting is that number or below.

Any thoughts @eviltrout? Is the default zero here? That does not seem right.

(Jakob Borg) #3

If that means “require approval, except for users level 0 or higher” it seems like a perfectly cromulent way to disable the requirement for approval?

(Mittineague) #4

The “Posts for users below this trust level must be approved” seems even odder to me.
What TL is below 0, -1?

(Robin Ward) #5

I had a really hard time wording it, but yes the idea is “Require approval unless X or above”. So the default would be 0, which is no users require approval.

(James) #6

Just wanted to check in with everyone on this. Not sure what was happening. I ended up nuking the entire docker image / databse and install. After starting from fresh, it seemed to be fine. Not sure, what might have (or might not have) caused the issue.