Moderation Tips & Best Practices Guide?

(katherine) #1

I’m wondering if anyone out there, from the Discourse team or anyone running their own instance, has taken the time to compile any form of Moderator Tips and Tricks, or best practices for moderators, using the features that have been designed.

Currently, we’re trying to bring several new moderators on board in our community, and we are realizing that some type of guide would be really helpful to introduce them to both platform features for moderation as well as how to use those features to facilitate good discussion.

I would appreciate any moderator tips and tricks that people have learned and would love to collaborate on compiling some kind of short guide (if it doesn’t already exist!) Is anyone else interested in helping with this??

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Probably the #1 thing is to encourage the community to flag questionable stuff they see.

Beyond that, sometimes it is helpful for a mod to post in a problem topic and use the admin wrench to mark the post as an official staff message. Sort of a “hey guys remember to keep it civil” thing.

(katherine) #4

Any tips in terms of organization of the forum? like how to teach mods to re-categorize when needed, link topics, close topics, etc.?

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