Moderator Metrics


Is there a way to see a dashboard of our Moderator’s work? Total posts, time to answer, etc?



If you go to there profile go to summary this should help!


Thanks Quinn! Is there a way to see all of them without going to each individual profile?

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Um no not at the moment I don’t think!

If this helps you can also hit the

Three lines users change the week to all time and then there’s all the users!

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I don’t know if there is a way to see all of the status, but you can see all of any trust level’s posts by tagging:

And so on for each trust level.

If you click on the tag, it will take you to what looks like a regular user profile, but for a whole trust level of users.

I’m not sure if this actual tags the individual users, though. Apologies to the Admins if the tag does. :sweat_smile:


Not specifically, I believe, but if it helps, go to the users tab:

Then, click on filter by username:

And search the user in there! It should give you a summary of what they have done on the forum. :smile:


Nope, but what you showed is a simple way to see all the users in a group. However, I wouldn’t recommend it, as it’s a bit more tedious. :slightly_smiling_face: