Moderators -- how regular members know who they are and how they become a moderator

We haven’t launched the forum yet and I am trying to figure out how regular members find moderators easily if they need to contact them about something that interests or concerns them. What is the easiest way for members to find moderators?

Also, does admin assign members as moderators exclusively or can a member earn through trust levels the role of moderator in the forum?


Flagging. All Flagged posts go to moderators.

Exclusively assigned.


Thanks, @cpradio. Much appreciated.

So there is no way built-in way for members to find out who the moderators are unless we make that known ourselves when we tailor the forum? Not a problem for us, just want to make sure that is the case before I add this info to our site.

Moderators are also listed on /about. I agree with @cpradio that flagging is best for reaching all moderators at once, but if members need a list, visit the about page.

That said, I’d encourage you to discourage your members from contacting a single moderator when they need something.


Thanks, @jomaxro. Do you know if there is a way in css to change “About” in the drop-down menu to a different word?

No problem @McBlu. To change the text you do not need CSS. Simply use the Text Content Customization tool in /admin. You can change all text on the site using that tool. The string you should search for is js.about.simple_title.


You can only reach Trust Level 4 through manual promotion

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