Modifed discourse slug changed again after someone add a new comment

(david) #1

Hi. I found out interest point.
I modifed the topic 's slug for my needs. ( inside a rails console)
ex. //t/mods-admins-to-change-topic-url-slug-just-like-in-wordpres to t/mods-admins
it’s working fine as soon as I modified.

But when someone add a NEW comment inside the topic, the slug is going back to original. so that my slug changes are ignored.
Is the slug recreated each time when posting comments?
I am looking for a solution for this situation. I want to keep the changes.
please help me asap.

(Erick Guan) #2

It’s not supported to change slug. It will be reset when the topic title gets saved. Please try to use Permalink (Customize - Permalinks) in your admin panel instead.