Modify the topic body of an answer

(Pierre ) #1


I would like to change the body of a topic answer.
i want to add the title of the current topic in each post.
here a photoshop idea about what i want.

i’m open about all the solution possible.


(Vinoth Kannan) #2

May I know why you want to do this. What’s the benefit?

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(Pierre ) #3


i’m actually an intern in a startup and they ask me to do this feature


You could potentially overwrite anything with using a plugin however I think first they need to understand the use case behind it as its a bit of an odd request. As you scroll down the Topic of the post stays at the top of the screen?

As below

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(Pierre ) #5


thanks for answering me.
can you send me @link @tutorial about one of those plugins,


start here: