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(Arkenbrien) #1


I’m from another discourse forum, and it is a high possibility that thousands of users are going to become active all at once there in the future.

Out of curiosity, what are the most heavily populated/active forum now? We would like to investigate and see what things we can do to prepare for the onslaught. :wink:

Thanks -


(Sam Saffron) #2

What kind of traffic? What kind of budget?

(Arkenbrien) #3

Hmmm. My guess is that a lot of the members will post a lot for a short time before becoming dormant until our game is released. Hopefully several thousand new members within a short time period, all making a lot of noise. Perhaps even 10k+, depending on how well the future kickstarter goes.

I was just curious to see what other heavily populated forums have done with a heavy population (although there probably aren’t any with a huge sudden influx like we are anticipating).

Just curious, that’s all. :wink:

(Michele) #4

turtlerockstudios uses Discourse (that’s actually how I found out about it), and I’d say it’s a pretty active community and has probably gone above and beyond any “huge sudden influx”.

(they’re videogames developers, l4d, evolve)

(Kane York) #5

Yes, I believe that they had a ridiculous number of requests/sec on launch day and the Discourse hosted servers handled it just fine.