Mouse cursor is round with dot and arrows

On my site, sometimes the mouse cursor changes from a hand to a circle with a central dot and left right up down arrows.

The cursor seems to work the same as the normal hand icon cursor. However I find it disconcerting.
Does anyone else have the experience?

I tried updating the mouse drivers. I mainly notice that it happens on my Discourse site.

Is anyone else experiencing this besides you?

Does it happen in safe mode?

Could it be that you are clicking (pushing down) your mouse wheel (instead of just scrolling it) ?

Does “mainly” imply that it is happening on other applications as well?

No. However the cursor that I get pushing the wheel is similar in that it is round with up and down arrows ( but not the left and right arrows )

The issue happens on my site ,but not here on Meta.

I have changed my mouse it may be a hardware issue.

The problem has stopped since I changed my mouse.