Moved posts show incorrect involved users

(Kuba) #1

This topic: 301 Moved Permanently shows three user icons involved, but @codinghorror has no post in the topic.

(Simon) #2

I guess this has to do with how discourse handles moving posts to new topics. I was just looking at Traditional pagination vs. “Best Of” mode and got a bit confused by the different thread creators/authors:

When a post is moved to a new topic, the author of that post stays the same, but the mod/admin who moved the post is the “creator” of the thread. This information is then used to display the original poster in the topic list, which is clearly wrong.

I think the “thread creator” should be set to the author of the first post when moving posts to a new topic. At least, the “original poster” should always be the author of the first post in a thread.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

This is correct as designed at the moment, for better or worse the creator of a moved topic is defined in Discourse as the person who moved the posts to the new topic.

(Jeff Atwood) #4