Moving a topic post to a post on another topic duplicates the post

(Dean Taylor) #1

I had an odd experience where a user posted a topic that really made more sense as a post on the end of an existing topic.

So I moved it, in doing do it seems a new post was created with the existing topic post’s content but the existing topic was left as is, with the exception of the notice post stating “I moved a post to an existing topic”.

These are the steps that lead to the problem.

###Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create new topic - completed by normal user - note this topic has no replies (admin completes remaining steps)
  2. Select wrench from top right
  3. Select Select Posts
  4. Select Move to existing topic
  5. Find and select topic
  6. Select

###Expected Results

  • Existing topic to be removed
  • Post to be created under target topic with existing “likes” still applied.

###Actual Results

  • Existing topic still exists
  • New post added to existing topic indicating I moved a post to an existing topic
  • Target topic has duplicate copy of original topic post
  • Copy of original post has no likes.

Not sure if this is a bug or support request…
… as this was unexpected outcome for me - but really don’t know if this is “by design”.

“Moving” to me indicates either a “copy” and “delete” or a “change of location” where the item can’t exist in two places at the same time.

(cpradio) #2

See here (I had it labelled as a bug previously and it got re-labeled as Support)

(Lisa Wess) #3

I agree that this is a bug and it makes it look like some conversations are completely ignored - which is the opposite of what our community is going for. It’s also not consistent with any other communities I participate in. Really hoping to see this one get fixed up.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

This is by design, moving posts never eradicates the original topic, otherwise the people who had browser bookmarks to the original topic would not be able to find it when it is deleted.

What is happening is transmogrifying a topic to a post.

You can of course delete the topic stub if you want to.

(cpradio) #5

Can we get it to copy the likes over? As if we delete it the likes are gone for the original post.

(Lisa Wess) #6

I’d love to see the system do a redirect to the new topic (it knows about it since that information is stored in the gutter) rather than leaving a bare stub like that.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #7

Yes, I came here to post about this issue. The Copy vs move is quite unexpected, and triggered duplicate emails to mailing list mode members.

Especially since in my case it was a single post in a new topic.

(Pugwash) #8

I ran into a few challenges with this last week when we had a small outage on our main application. Within a few minutes we had 5 separate topics all relating to the outage.

In this situation I usually move all subsequent posts to the first topic that was created. I would then close and hide the original topics to prevent having multiple concurrent discussions about the same thing.

At the moment the above process involves quite a few steps, going back and closing & hiding the original topics.

Would it make sense to have a check box on the “Move to Existing Topic” modal, whereby we can remove the existing topic?

I’m open to other suggestions, maybe there’s an easy way for me to quickly route all discussions onto one topic, which is ultimately what I’m trying to achieve here.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #9